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Yoga with Dogs: A Healthy and Relaxing Bond

Can you imagine practicing yoga not only for yourself, but with your loyal canine companion?

This activity, known as “doga”, merges the words dog (dog in English) and yoga. Through adapted movements and shared stretches, doga promises to be a beneficial experience for both owners and their furry friends. Let’s examine the rationale and benefits of this practice, supported by information from Nutro Natural Choice and Natures Variety.

Basics of Yoga with Dogs:

Yoga with dogs does not involve your four-legged friend imitating complicated human asanas. Rather, it’s about choosing movements and postures that fit the dogs’ nature. To start, it is essential to understand their behavior and create a strong bond before introducing them to this new activity.

The key is in the connection at another level:

body, soul and spirit. Yoga with dogs seeks to strengthen this bond, appealing to a deeper understanding between the owner and their pet. Plus, it’s a versatile activity, suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages and temperaments, and only requires a shared yoga mat.

Benefits of Yoga with Dogs:

This practice offers significant benefits for both owners and dogs:

Exercise and Relaxation:

Practicing yoga is an excellent exercise for owners, strengthening the muscles and balancing the body, soul and spirit. Dogs, for their part, enjoy relaxing caresses, massages and stretches, releasing accumulated tensions.

Bond and Obedience:

Yoga with dogs strengthens the bond between owner and pet, teaching the dog to follow instructions and concentrate, thus improving canine obedience.

Physical well-being:

Practicing different yoga asanas improves circulation and flexibility in dogs, contributing to their overall physical well-being.

Impulse Control:

This activity teaches dogs to control their impulses, encouraging concentration and obedience.

Therapy and Stress Reduction:

Yoga with dogs acts as a beneficial therapy to channel stress and anxiety in both owners and pets. Additionally, it improves body posture, reducing the risk of future injuries.

How to Start Practicing Doga:

Starting yoga with dogs is a gradual process. It is recommended to learn the techniques through online resources and dedicate about 10 to 15 minutes to practice daily. The best time to do it is after a walk or intense physical activity.

Creating a relaxing environment is essential. Use soft music, dim lighting and do a few minutes of relaxation, including canine massages. During the session, perform adapted yoga poses, allowing your dog to interact with you without forcing it.

Doga is more than a physical practice; It is a shared experience that strengthens the bond between owners and dogs, improving the quality of life of both. The next time you’re wondering how to relax your dog, consider delving into the wonderful world of dog yoga.

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