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Wildlife Caretakers: A Fundamental Role in Our Society

The relationship between humans and animal life is intricate and, in many ways, revealing of our own humanity. In a recent interview with biologist Esther Pomareda, regent of the Las Pumas Rescue Center and Sanctuary, the importance of animal welfare organizations in wildlife conservation is highlighted, as well as the urgent need to raise awareness in society about their role. crucial in the respect and care of animal life, whether domestic, farm or wild.

The Las Pumas Rescue Center and Sanctuary fulfills a vital mission: rescue, rehabilitate and, whenever possible, return animals to their natural habitat. In a year, around 400 animals enter the center, and although between 40% and 50% of them can return to their original environment, the rest remain in the center due to various reasons, such as not achieving a complete recovery or having spent too much time in captivity.

The work of organizations like this is not limited only to the direct care of animals. Esther Pomareda highlights an environmental education program with 25 years of application, which has reached schools, talks and the training of visitors to the center. The mission is clear: raise awareness about wildlife. Education is key to changing society’s perception of animal life and its importance in the balance of the ecosystem.

This center is home to an impressive collection of 70 species, from birds to wild cats and primates. However, the success of their work is not without challenges. Adapting spaces for each species is a fundamental challenge. Each area must be specifically conditioned to guarantee the well-being of the animals and their possible reintegration into nature.

Esther Pomareda highlights a crucial message for society: becoming aware that there are animals that cannot be domesticated. Trying to do so can have serious consequences, since the effect can be opposite. Animals can get sick or depressed without us realizing it, and this, unfortunately, can lead to the death of these beings.

In this sense, each citizen has a responsibility. Wildlife awareness falls not only on caregivers and animal welfare organizations, but on all of us. Respect and care for animal life must be fundamental principles in our daily lives. Wildlife conservation is not just a task for biologists and scientists; It is a shared task that requires the active participation of each individual.

By becoming aware of our relationship with animal life and supporting organizations like the Las Pumas Rescue Center and Sanctuary, we are not only contributing to the conservation of species, but we are also protecting the diversity and beauty that nature offers us. . Wildlife belongs not only to us, but to future generations, and it is our duty to ensure that they continue to exist in all their glory.

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